Heldannic - Bounty Hunter and Ex-Gladiator


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Skarp, son of Agnar, and Haldannic Bounty Hunter:

Skarp was born to Agnar and Svana on their small farmstead near Eikervik in the Altenwald Freeholds. He started his early life as a farmer helping his family to tend the family farm growing crops and raising livestock. He was especially good at working with the livestock having a natural ability in handling them and caring for them. At age 10 his a raiding clan swept through the area burning and looting the family farm. His father, mother and siblings were all massacred. The crops were burned and the livestock was either driven off or butchered to feed the raiders. Skarp had survived this devastation because the had been out checking the families trap line that morning, as part of his daily chores, and was not at home when the rival clan swept through the surrounding farms.

Skarp returned to find his home destroyed and his family slaughtered. In his grief he fled into the wilderness where he lived the next few years with nothing to comfort him but his grief in his thoughts of vengeance. He did not understand why his family had to die but he knew that someone should make whoever was responsible pay for such atrocities. He was alone and afraid so he began to avoid other humans even hiding from his kin that searched for him when they found him missing among the dead. As time passed surviving in the wilderness alone Skarp began to forget the world of men. Through trial and error and a great deal of suffering, sickness and almost starvation he learned a great deal about nature and how to survive on beast or berry. Unfortunately his lack of association with other humans began to take its toll and he slowly began to fall into a state of behavior that was akin to some wild man beast. He probably would have continued that way becoming more of a beast than man had he not been wounded and captured by a Thyatian adventuring party hunting gnolls along the Mengul Mountains in eastern Westbergden. Noting the boys savagery the Thyatians sold Skarp to a Thyatian trader who purchased beasts for the gladiator spectacles famous in Thyatis City.

Soon Skarp now age 14 found himself tossed into a world of death and carnage in the gladiator pits and coliseums of Thyatis City. Only his animal like instincts kept him alive long enough to properly learn the use of weapons and gladiator style combat. Two years of endless combat and training found him able to buy his freedom from the pits.

He returned to the Freeholds wanting to make something more of his life. Remembering his deeply embedded desire for vengeance on those evil men who massacred his family all those years ago Skarp began to worship Vanya taking to heart her story of betrayal and vengeance. Since that time he has honed his skills becoming a bounty hunter making a living hunting down criminals, renegades and other scum or monsters for whoever wants someone captured or killed and is paying a reward. He lives by his own code, the hunters code, that he feels Vanya has set before him, promising him that following it would lead him to the vengeance he seeks. He will take any job that brings the guilty to justice or rids the world of evil.

He currently has been out in the wilds of the Heldannic Freeholds honing his skills preparing to return to a major city to start taking jobs….


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