Spark has the build of a bookworm on an athlete’s body. His eyes are the color of high sky, and he keeps his pattern balding head shorn close.

Coming from a two generation mundane line, at sixteen he exhibited no arcane aptitude and was resigned to obscurity on a Blackhill farm to read and work wood as his father before him.

Klarmont 15th, 999
On the Night of the Red Moon, a summer storm thundered across the principality. A group of moon drunk students pushed him from the roof of the barn. In a flash of insight, he cast Feather Fall before smashing to the ground. The next day he became a fellow student under Faxton, a minor Silverston wizard.

Two years passed. Always a step behind the advanced students, his fervor to prove himself manifested in an intense predisposition towards blunt, destructive magic. It also embroiled him in a duel with a Flaemish student who promptly blasted a hole through his chest with a lightning bolt in a Glantri City back alley. To the shock and horror of the students witnessing, he stumbled out of the alley still living. An opportunistic thief of the Fellowship lurking in anticipation of robbing the loser was so impressed, he stole only his coins and left him at a Temple of Rad. He still sees Luigi for a drink when visiting the capitol and still bears a massive scar of fused and jagged tendrils from the duel. The experience did little for his common sense, but it did impel his social interaction to be less abrasive. it was this change that endeared him to Faxton who took the apprentice into his confidence. Fed through his master by tales from an Alphatian spy, he learned of the flying forces of the Alphatians and Heldannic knights and dreamed of unlocking their secrets. Thus he set out not only to master Air as the wizards of his House had, but to master flight and take the freedom of a skyship for himself. Not interested in drawing attention to himself with the family name, he travels under the name Spark, a nickname Luigi gave him. He is truly an adventurer even though at heart he is a spy, and despite his recklessness and urge to prove something about his heritage, he has a soft spot for helping others, a trait that eventually won him acceptance from his fellow students.


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